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Save Our Heritage Organisation, SOHO, is a private, member-based 501c3 non-profit; SOHO was formed in 1969 to save a single home, the 1887 Sherman Gilbert House. This small group of concerned citizens has become the third largest group of its kind in California, with thousands of members and subscribers, hundreds of volunteers, and an administrative, museum and retail staff of over 30.

SOHO is based in Old Town San Diego, the birthplace of California. We manage and operate historic sites and resources throughout San Diego County. We are the only countywide historic preservation organization, in a county that encompasses 18 incorporated cities and numerous neighborhoods and communities.

SOHO works on a wide range of preservation issues throughout San Diego County. All our advocacy efforts share a common goal: to protect and preserve the historic architectural and cultural resources of our region.

SOHO advocates both proactively and in response to specific threats to historic cultural and architectural resources. SOHO does this by providing effective advocacy. We work to advance strong preservation laws and incentives and we take legal action when necessary and prudent.

We raise awareness through programming and illustration, to show how historic preservation pervades our daily lives and how much lesser we would be without these historic places that give San Diego its character and identity, and play a significant part in enriching our lives.

Our large and active membership provides support to help us manage and save historic resources, and we have been successful in making historic preservation a part of public policy and urban planning.

Now, almost a half a century old, one would be hard put to name a favorite building or neighborhood in San Diego County that SOHO has not been involved in protecting, providing consultation for, or doing restoration.

Events and Education Services
SOHO conducts a number of architectural and specialty tours, events and exhibitions throughout the year. Our programming has introduced many people to the history and value of the San Diego region's built and natural environment.

Our outreach program provides speakers and slide presentations on topics related to San Diego history, architecture, and period decorative arts.

Advice, Consultation, and Research
We provide technical assistance and resources to members, homeowners, and private and public agencies through a number of ways.

SOHO assists researchers, writers, local residents, and tourists with information about San Diego's countywide history.

Historic Sites, Museums, and Retail
Through our historic sites and museums we interpret much of the rich architectural and cultural heritage of one of America's most significant historic regions.

Our museums and retail shops increase the tourism economy of the region and our focus on the cultural heritage traveler has expanded tourism and revitalized areas.



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