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The district is called "South Park," and is roughly North of A Street, South of Elm Street, West of 31st Street, and East of Balboa Park. (Shown above in blue.)

  • A survey conducted in 1996 of the area buildings proposed a historic district boundary that lies within the original South Park subdivision map and also includes part of the Seaman and Choate subdivision map. These maps adjoin in the middle of several blocks. The original proposal and the traditional historical district boundary are being evaluated. The actual Historic District nomination may be brought forward in several phases due to the quantity of high quality buildings in the subdivision.

  • Major benefits of historical designation include preservation of one of the oldest and most intact neighborhoods in San Diego, higher property values for all homes within the district and qualification for a Mills Act Agreement. The Mills Act program is currently undergoing an overview; at present, the benefits are a 30-70% reduction of property taxes.

  • Various architectural styles are represented in this district and research will reveal the Master Architects and builders who built in South Park.



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