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This three-hour in-depth analysis provides the homeowner with an arsenal of tools to restore their home to its best possible condition. The program brings to the homeowner the expertise that comes with familiarity of historic buildings, the knowledge of history, building design history and the understanding of construction and finishes along with regional and local building styles.

SOHO's Executive Director, Bruce Coons is a restoration and period design specialist. He designed the program originally to accommodate new owners of historic homes but found the need greater than anticipated and four years ago the program was expanded to include all SOHO members and owners of historic buildings in need of advice. Architectural investigation requires a wide range of knowledge and skills, but basically Bruce will look at your home much as an archeologist approaches a site, looking at the layers of changes that have occurred over time. Through this process he will point out both historic features that are original to the home, changes that have been made to original fabric and advise on how these changes should be addressed.

The homeowner is asked to prepare as many questions as they may have in advance to get the greatest amount of work accomplished in the time allotted. Exterior color consultation is not included with this program. Bruce will suggest resources, other professionals and trades people as needed, and he himself does color consultations.

The cost is $300, and it is a tax-deductible donation to SOHO, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. The donation includes a one-year Family membership for new members or a one-year renewal for current members.

The number of Sherlock HomesTM consultations per year is limited due to the time restraints of the Executive Director's schedule. Appointments are usually made 2 to 3 months out, and there is a waiting list; if yours is an urgent need let staff know that with your initial call.

Call SOHO at (619) 297-9327 to make an appointment.



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