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If a historic resource in San Diego is threatened with destruction, who do you call? The obvious answer is Save Our Heritage Organisation. The reason is that SOHO is the most successful advocate for historical preservation in the San Diego region. Since 1969 SOHO has grown from a small band of volunteers working on projects on a one-by-one basis to become a broad-based advocacy group fighting simultaneous battles on multiple fronts, many involving well-funded adversaries and various government agencies. SOHO has become synonymous with historic preservation in San Diego.

While the economic pressure for destruction of historic resources has greatly increased over the years, SOHO has increased its influence to protect our county's historical resources.

We work with homeowners, neighborhood organizations, builders, developers and city hall, and are continually involved with saving historic resources and structures. Through the years we have amassed a collection of resources and information that can be most helpful. Check back often for updates.



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