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Magazine Submission Guidelines

Do you have a topic or story you would like to share with the preservation community? Or, are you involved in a project that would be of interest to our readers? Then please accept our invitation to have your article printed in the only publication in San Diego devoted to historic preservation.

Viewpoints & Spotlights

  • Tell us why your historic neighborhood is special to you or what your favorite landmark is and why
  • Tell us about a restoration project or preservation success
  • Tell us about your own restoration or research project

Articles of 300 to 500 words reviewing a book, web site, or other resource that may be of interest to the preservation community.

Reader Response
Notes or letters of 150 words or less commenting on an article previously published.

If you are interested in writing for SOHO please contact us by sending an email to to discuss your idea for an article. Early notification of your interest in participating in an issue will help us in our planning of each issue. All submissions are reviewed by the editorial team and deadlines have been set to insure ample time for discussion of revision before final publication.

Style for submitting articles

  • Word document
  • Include a byline
  • Single spaced lines
  • Double line space between paragraphs
  • No paragraph indent
  • Single space after periods
  • Italicize titles of books, magazines, articles, etc. Do not use quotations
  • Use cardinal numbers with dates (i.e. write August 21, 2015, NOT August 21st, 2015.)
  • Spell out months and days of the week (i.e. write September, NOT Sept.)
  • No headers or footers
  • Include an author's bio, 2-4 short sentences
  • Footnotes are to be incorporated into the body of the article, or they will be available online only
  • Sources will not be cited in print, but will be available online

Photo Submissions

  • At original size, 300dpi
  • Include captions
  • Include photo credits



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