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California Historical Resources Inventory Database


The City of San Diego is now using the California Historical Resources Inventory Database (CHRID) for the management of information related to the City's historical resources. The home page for the San Diego CHRID is Currently, this database includes information about historical resources that have been designated between 2009 and the present and resources that have been identified as part of a community plan update historical survey. The complete Register of Historical Resources will be maintained and is posted as a link on this page. Survey data that is currently posted will also be maintained. Additional resources will be added to the CHRID as it becomes available. We encourage the public's use of this data and expect that there may be errors with this initial posting of information.

Volume 42 - 2011


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From the Editor

Warner-Carrillo Ranch House

Santa Ysabel General Store

The Hawaiian Connection

San Diego's First Chinese Community

Temple Beth Israel

Archaeological Myth Busting

Chicano Park & its Wondrous Murals

Sleeping Porches & Suffragist Banners

Most Endangered List of Historic Resources

Windemere Cottage

People In Preservation Winners

In Memoriam

Preservation Community

Recent Acquisitions

Save Balboa Park

Lost San Diego

Strength in Numbers

Donations 2010-2011


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