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We live in a 24-hour news cycle, instantaneous communication kind of world, where important advocacy issues and opportunities arrive at lightning speed, and where green is the name of the game.

Green communication means sending fewer hard copy mailings and sending emails instead. It means staying in the know with our online calendar and website alerts for today and months to come.

Only 62% of our membership receive emails, leaving 38% of you in the dark. Give us your email address today ( and we can close that gap.

Although some special event notices will still be mailed, these will be kept to a minimum from this point on. For the tactile individual who prefers real to virtual, let us know and we will make an exception as often as we can.

Hope to see you all online.

2009 - Volume 40, Issue 1


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From the Editor

2009 People In Preservation Award Winners

Historic Preservation & Environmental Conservation

The Green Game

Making your historic home more energy efficient
Your home's landscape is green in more ways than one

San Diego Trust & Savings Bank Building

Black Gold in San Diego

2009 Most Endangered List of Historic Resources

Tragedy Unfolds

Preservation Community



The Whaley House Porch Returns

Museum News: Marston House

Borrego Springs Modern lll

Borrego's future lies in its past

Adobe University

An Enchanted Evening at PIP

Looking for historic homes, gardens or commercial sites

Help Us

Lost San Diego

Strength in Numbers


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