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From the Editor

In this our 40th year SOHO has much to be proud of. SOHO has been a catalyst for community preservation action and a proactive respondent and participant to specific preservation issues, concerns, and opportunities. We have supported or helped to build new community specific preservation organizations and have stimulated several historical societies to take a more active advocacy role as well. SOHO provides technical assistance for owners of historic properties; we pursue preservation causes with elected officials and media, and have educated countless community activists.

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We have been responsible for the protection of literally hundreds of homes within the neighborhoods and communities of San Diego and have saved some of San Diego's most iconic buildings from the Horton Broadway Fountain, Western Metals Supply Company building, Hotel del Coronado, the Santa Fe Depot, Gaslamp to the Warehouse district. Without SOHO's successful work over the last four decades San Diego would not be the region it is today with it's rich and varied background of architectural and cultural heritage that we all enjoy daily.

You have in your hand not the 40-year retrospective of SOHO that was scheduled but instead an issue focused on the timely topic of historic preservation and sustainability and how the two are inextricably intertwined. The capacity to meet our community needs without degrading the ecological, social, and economic systems is essential and historic preservation is one of the best and easiest paths to success of these crucial needs of our society.

The point of this issue is simple and should be easily evident by any thoughtful person. Historic buildings that are not being used or are being underused, or more ridiculously being demolished are wasted assets at every level of our society's needs. Our buildings should not be viewed as disposable; they are and have been proven to be a renewable resource.

Policy makers, architects, developers and property owners don't have to choose between energy-efficiency and maintaining the aesthetic quality of our urban and rural communities that provide the character and soul of these places, they can have both. A win-win-win.

I know a big question for many of you is the issue of the Marston House. SOHO has been in negotiations with the city to operate the estate and once this becomes a reality we will be asking for your help at every level, from volunteer tour guides to hands on workshops. More details are described within this issue.

So, what happened to the 40th anniversary history? Due to health issues the commissioned author was unable to write the retrospective. However, we are happy to report that faced with the setback we looked as we often do, to our board for expertise and talent and found that SOHO board member Dan Soderberg had the videography background and expertise to produce a professional quality film retrospective. The project is also discussed in further detail in this issue's Reflections section.

This year has been packed with events and programs, and the schedule keeps expanding. We hope to see many of you throughout the year as we think we have created something for everyone.

2009 - Volume 40, Issue 1


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