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Adobe University

As long as we were all going to be out in the east county for Borrego Springs Modern, we thought, why not tackle two big events in the same weekend?!

left Just getting started, the stage station before receiving a layer of adobe; right Victor Walsh & Michael Taylor, with Maggie Piatt-Walton in background and County Park ranger mixing mud. Photos by Melvin Sweet

The County of San Diego Parks and Recreation and SOHO had been discussing the right time to conduct an Adobe U program at the wonderful Vallecito park and this seemed the perfect time and it was exactly that, perfect.

Over 40 volunteers made the trek and almost the entire structure was given a sacrificial coat of adobe mud. What a terrific group of hard workers we had. State Park rangers from San Diego Coast division, Southern services center, and Colorado Desert district, joined the county rangers in a joint effort to protect this important historic resource. Other participants included volunteers from the San Diego Maritime Museum, Colorado Desert Archeology Society & San Diego County Archeology Society.

left (Beginning in foreground) Melvin Sweet, Alex Bevil, Victor Walsh, and others mudding the east side; right On scaffolding is Donald Newell, who was responsible for much of the prep work the days before Adobe U began, which included the setting up of scaffolding. Photos by Ellen Sweet

left Backs to the walls, working hard is Jaye Furlonger, Bruce Coons, Christopher Pro and others. Photo by Melvin Sweet; right Certificate of completion given to all participants.

The Anza Borrego desert is one of the most beautiful locales in the world and as volunteers neared the end of the day after putting in 8 or more hours of labor the shadows began to play on the mountain landscape. It was as if we were all a part of a great plein air painting, a Marjorie Reed canvas; truly an unforgettable experience. A certain Executive Director was hard to remove from the verandah as he relaxed and admired this rare historic building and the day's work of so many. Participants received a certificate of completion of that phase of adobe work; thanks to Bill Hoffman who came up with designs that we utilized in the final piece.

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