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Would you like to write for Our Heritage Magazine?

SOHO is fortunate to be covering one of this nation's most amazing regions, one with a vast history and one that we must continue to raise awareness of if we are to save the remnants we have left.

There is so much to cover and we would really like our members' voices to be heard as much as possible.

There are a lot of people doing incredible things for the preservation of historic resources and we want our readers to get to know them more and learn about all the great work that is happening in our many communities.

Will you tell us about your own restoration project or advocacy work? Or join our Preservation Community section, which is written by our members and offers a window into the problems facing other homeowners and community activists who bring their approach and their concerns to all of us.

We want your feedback and your voice to be a part of this. The next few issues of Our Heritage will focus on sustainability and our role in keeping the greenest building being the one already built option front and center. Cultural heritage tourism is also incredibly important to saving historic resources; we will focus on how it is the greatest economic tool for any city or community, and bringing historic preservation into the arts and culture conversation, where it obviously is a foundation for any community's cultural vitality.

Contact us by phone or email with any questions you might have, and to discuss your ideas for articles. For more details on how to submit, along with writing style guidelines, please go to

2008 - Volume 39, Issue 3/4


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From the Editor

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The Impact of Historic Districts
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2008 People In Preservation Award Winners

Preservation Community


Annual Financial Report

Book Review - Working Windows

Sherlock Homes

Speakers Bureau Forming

Lost San Diego

Strength in Numbers


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