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On February 7, 2008 California Coastal Commission denied the 241 Toll Road Extension that would cut across San Onofre State Beach. The Commission rejected the proposed Foothill-South freeway project, a 16-mile toll road extension of state Route 241.

Advocates from the Native American community, the Save Trestles organization, numerous environmental groups and SOHO turned out in record-breaking numbers to oppose the proposed toll road.

After more than twelve hours of testimony and deliberation, the Commission voted 8-2 to reject the shortsighted and devastatingly destructive highway plan.

Historic Trestles - Renowned surf spot at San Onofre State Beach.

The park contains seven archaeological sites, including a Juaneño Indian village; three historic sites include the first Christian baptisms in California, the Adobe Ranch House of San Mateo, the 1880's town of Forster; and of course, the world-famous Trestles surfing area, itself a cultural and historic site. Seven threatened or endangered species live within the park, and it protects significant portions of San Mateo Creek, one of the last relatively unspoiled watersheds in Southern California.

This victory was gained by thousands of concerned citizens who inundated county and state officials with phone calls and messages, and who turned out time and again in huge numbers to defend San Onofre over these past years. The State Coastal Commission staff is also to be commended for their comprehensive report, as well as the Commission itself who voted on behalf of the resource and did not bow to the enormous political pressure to do otherwise.

We thank all of the SOHO members who wrote letters, made calls and attended the hearings. The Irvine-based Transportation Corridor Agencies, which are proposing the toll road, have appealed the commission's ruling to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and have vowed to do everything they can to go against the will of the people of California. We will have to remain vigilant and persistent in our demand to protect this irreplaceable part of our heritage.

Contributed by SOHO Preservation Action Committee.

2008 - Volume 39, Issue 1/2


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