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The SOHO Lady

Erik Hanson accepts the coveted SOHO Lady award.

Last issue we were remiss in not reporting on the nearly 40-year-old tradition of the passing of the SOHO lady to a deserving volunteer or leader in preservation work for SOHO. This is a special honor awarded for efforts above and beyond the call of duty. It is always a surprise presentation made totally and arbitrarily by the previous recipient, who presents it at our annual membership and board election event.

This award itself was originated by Courtney and Denise Gonzales who first presented it in 1969, the year SOHO was founded. That year's recipient was Peggy and Tom Shepley who added the stipulation to the award that it must always be on public display for the full year in the recipient's home and that SOHO members are apt to check at any time!

The 2007 winner is Erik Hanson who received it from the 2006 winner, Welton Jones. A wooden plaque with winners names engraved on brass hangs in the SOHO offices. When Welton was making his decision, which is always kept secret, he was astonished to see that Erik, who has been one of the stalwarts of SOHO for over 20 years had never received the honor. So he rectified the oversight with an eloquent, humorous and heartfelt speech in presenting the lovely lady to Erik.

2008 - Volume 39, Issue 1/2


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