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All of these buildings were threatened by the recent wildfires. The fire burned literally within inches of several sites.

These are some of the very few remaining historic sites that survive; we lost a tremendous number of historic resources in this disaster and we must do whatever we can to protect the last vestiges of San Diego's backcountry heritage.

Without proper steps being taken to survey, document, and provide adequate protection these sites could well become victims of the next fire.

Rancho Guejito - Aerial view showing the Rancho and historic buildings intact.

Bellinger House - Built c. 1880's, Bonita; De Luz Hot Springs Hotel - Built 1881.

Old Schoolhouse - c. 1890's, Lyons Valley; Adobe Chapel - c.1880's, Pauma Indian reservation.

Silvas/Osuna Adobe - Built c. 1831, Rancho San Dieguito, (Rancho Santa Fe); Rockwood Ranch House - 1881, read about this historic ranch online in our inaugural issue of Our Heritage magazine.

Trussell House - 1890's, San Pasqual, protected by surrounding orange groves; Pala Mission - 1820's.

Sawday barn - c. 1900 at Witch Creek. Fires burned very close to this historic complex; With fire damage all around the c.1890's Johnson/Marchus house, it was the sole 19th century survivor on the South side of the San Pasqual Valley.

Sawday House - c. 1882; Warnock Adobe - Built 1856 on Rancho Santa Teresa. Witch Creek fire burned up to the house.

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