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SOHO Receives Special Recognition

It is most important to acknowledge and thank the people who were involved with getting the word out and helping us to survey and list historic resources throughout the county and who acted quickly to take whatever steps were necessary.

Sandé Lollis, our Webmaster, was on an around the clock schedule with staff, posting breaking information and photos online as quickly as possible. Sandé's work was an invaluable part of this effort; she recognized the importance of first responder status in which we found ourselves and never faltered in the emotional and exhausting first few days and nights of the fires.

California State Historic Preservation Officer Milford Wayne Donaldson and the Office of Historic Preservation responded immediately as well, and covered all fires in the state, including San Diego. Wayne corresponded with Bruce daily and visited the fire-damaged sites several times to assesses damage and provide technical and funding assistance with recovery efforts.

Lynne Newel Christenson, County Historian and Archeologist, provided site status information and led the county's archeology teams in the after fire assessments of county owned sites. We always count on Lynne as a strong partner in preservation. As County Historian, she is always ready to assist and help wherever she can, and we don't often get a chance to publicly thank her.

SHPO Milford Wayne Donaldson and County Historian Lynne Newell Christenson assess the 1880's Montecito adobe in Ramona.

City of San Diego Historical Resources Board Senior Planner Cathy Winterrowd and her staff handled assessments for city owned sites with City of San Diego Water Department Associate Planner, Nicole McGinnis, assisting with review of San Pasqual and Pamo Valley sites.

Christopher Pro, past BOD member drove SOHO assessment teams in his 4 wheel drive for several days. Another past BOD member, Tim Rudolf provided his plane and pilot and took Bruce Coons and a local journalist up to survey the areas that we were unable to get to in any other way. We would be remiss if we didn't mention reporter Spencer Washburn of Channel 8 News who was able to report from the Montecito Adobe that this boarded up old building really was in his words "an irreplaceable treasure," and the fire suppression teams of the USMC on Camp Pendleton who successfully responded to the threat at the Las Flores adobe.

Other projects were put on hold while we focused all efforts on alerting the necessary agencies to resources in danger, providing information to our membership, the public and to private and public agencies. I am proud of our efforts and of our organization's ability to take on whatever comes our way.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Western Region is helping to defray our cost with a $2,500 donation and we are working with the San Diego Foundation in hopes that they can find funding assistance to proceed with the necessary stabilization/restoration survey of County historic resources and disaster protection for the resources that were spared.

2007 - Volume 38, Issue 3/4


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