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SOHO Founder Robert Miles Parker wrote about the drawing of the Broadway fountain on page 32 of our Spring 2007 issue, which we incorrectly attributed to him. "...I don't think I did the Plaza drawing. I think the drawing is [former SOHO President Bruce Kamerling's] - I never drew flying birds." Sorry, Miles! Thanks for the correction.

2007 - Volume 38, Issue 3/4


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From the Editor

Reconstructing Balboa Park's "Dream City"
Names & Milestones in the History of Prado Buildings

10 Vanished Balboa Park Landmarks

Historic Losses: Fires Devastate San Diego San Diego County's Historic Sites

California Tile: Our Claim to Tile Fame

The Use of Tile in the Home

Tile Resources

President's Message


In Memoriam - Beth Montes

The Beth Montes Memorial Internship & Outreach Fund

Book Reviews

Letters to the Editor

Lost San Diego

Strength in Numbers


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