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Message from the President

Michael J. Kravcar

I would like to take this time to introduce myself as the President of SOHO. While honored by the opportunity to assist in the leadership of this great organization, my path here was a sad one. On October 29 we all lost a good friend, preservation advocate and leader, Beth Montes. Amidst the grieving for Beth, San Diego County was dealt a severe blow with the onslaught of the wildfires. As these fires ripped through our county many of our historic sites were severely damaged, and others were completely lost.

There is an old saying that through tragedy grows strength. All of SOHO, the staff, the board, and our many dedicated members demonstrated that very strength during this time through unity and volunteerism. Bruce and Alana Coons, SOHO's Executive Director and Events and Education Director respectively (Alana is also the Senior Editor of this publication), spent many days on foot, by car and by plane documenting the loss of our historic sites from the wildfire. In addition, many of our members assisted with their reports and photographs of destroyed sites, that we then added to our website which was developed to act as a central information gathering location. I too knew what needed to be done, and accepted the nomination to take on the position of President. During my term and beyond, I will do everything I can to make sure this organization's mission is carried forth.

Although October was tough for everyone, it does not cast a shadow on the countless accomplishments of our previous years or the exciting things that we have in store.

I equate getting things accomplished and preserving the heritage of our beautiful county to an old Amish barn-raising. You would be amazed how much can be accomplished, and how much faster when we all roll up our sleeves to help. Right now SOHO needs your help.

Your help can come in many forms, be it through your membership, your donations, volunteering at our functions or as a docent at the Whaley House or the Old Adobe Chapel. Even weeding the gardens behind the Whaley House is a help! We have committees that can always use your input such as Preservation Action or Events and Education, as well as any of our subcommittees, such as SOHO Modernism. Do you know that just by reading Our Heritage and passing it along to a friend who might not be familiar with SOHO and with what we do, you have accomplished an incredible service to this organization?

Feel free to contact our office at (619) 297-9327 to see how to get more involved, or contact me directly at (619) 977-7672. I would love the opportunity to chat with you. Email works great too at

2007 - Volume 38, Issue 3/4


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