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Cover of the award-winning Save Our Heritage Magazine, Winter issue, 2007.

The newly reconstructed Whaley kitchen. Photo by Sandé Lollis

Keynote speaker Donovan Rypkema signing books after his lecture, shaking hand swith Marí Castillo Curry. Photo by Sandé Lollis

Centerfold from the National City Tour booklet: 1887 Birds Eye view of National City, courtesy History Room, National City Public Library.

First, we'd like to thank to all of you who have responded so favorably to our publications new look. We received many lovely notes, emails and phone messages of encouragement and bravos, it really means a lot to us to receive such positive feedback. The City of San Diego's Historical Resources Board recognized the magazine during its annual preservation month awards, along with a leadership award to our president Beth Montes and an award for the Whaley House kitchen reconstruction. We thank the city for these honors.

New membership resulting directly from the new publication was impressive with over 50 new members. Wow, this is exactly how it is supposed to work! Thank you to all our new members, and to all our current members who stay involved with active memberships, and to those who have been renewing at higher levels. There is a lot happening at SOHO and your continued support is essential and crucial.

The opening of the reconstructed 1860's kitchen of the Whaley House is something we are all proud of. Two days of circa 1860's style cooking and tasting was great fun and informative too. Everyone enjoyed freshly boiled coffee with a whole egg broken inside to settle the grounds; many of you shared memories of your grandmother or mother doing the same. For those of us that this was news to, lo and behold it really works! Most families roasted their own beans too! If you missed it, you have another opportunity during the Labor Day weekend when we celebrate the sesquicentennial for both the San Antonio & San Diego Overland Mail and the Whaley House. The reconstruction of the kitchen and other completed and ongoing restoration work at the house could not have been accomplished without the financial support of County Supervisor Ron Roberts. The county continues to impress us with their concern and stewardship of the historic sites under its care.

Rancho to Ranch House was a great success. Wonderful speakers, great tours, quality vendors and super parties! We had quite a few out of state visitors too; all that national media paid off and we gained many new members. Most importantly we were able to accomplish our educational agenda by showcasing San Diego County's architectural heritage from the 1880's to the 1960's! One of my favorite comments of the weekend was a man who said, "Thank you for creating a National City tour; I would not have gone there but SOHO forced me out of the box. I knew that if SOHO presented it I should know about it and I am so glad I did." That single comment made seven months of planning 100% worthwhile! And there was much more of the same heard throughout the three days. Thank you to the volunteers and homeowners who made it all happen, we will continue to hold events like these as long as you are willing to make it possible with your donation of time and effort.

During the Weekend we celebrated the 25th Annual People In Preservation awards. The event was sold out with over 250 people gathering to show their support and admiration to this year's diverse field of winners.

The Initiative for Arts and Culture Conference Regionalism and Modernity-The Arts & Crafts Movement in San Diego and Environs, held June 21-24, was a great success. This was cultural heritage tourism at its highest level! Some of you attended and expressed how much you enjoyed it. SOHO was pleased to be able to offer support to this prestigious national conference, to negotiate a special members fee for you and we were particularly gratified to introduce so many serious scholars and preservationists from outside our region to the riches of San Diego's heritage. The conference organizers called out SOHO's leadership role at every chance both in print and at every opportunity; their graciousness in acknowledging us so profusely was heartwarming and most kind. We thank them and invite them to visit us again soon.

Remember we are always looking for volunteers to our various committees and museums, contributors to the magazine, advertisers and sponsors at all levels. Thank you again for your support, please share your passion for historic preservation with others and encourage them to join and have a great summer!

2007 - Volume 38, Issue 2


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