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Donations 2006-2007

Thank you to our generous donors who have contributed to support SOHO work.
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End of Year Campaign
Anderson Family
Joe & Joyce Benintende
Raymond Borras
Mark L. Brandon
David & Diane Canedo
Bruce & Alana Coons
Courtney Ann Coyle, Esq.
James & Christine Cunning
John & Jeannie Daley
Doug & Alice Diamond
Paul Duchscherer
Eva Thorn & John Eisenhart
Pat Finn
John & Teresa Fistere
David & Ronnie Flood
Hacienda Hotel
Barry & Hilary Hager
Philip & Margaret Ham
Marsha Hickey
David Goldberg
Rebecca Grossenbacher
Janet O'Dea & Allen Hazard
Ed & Linda Janon
Welton Jones
Erik Kallis
Vicki Granowitz & William Lees
Nancy Lemann
Carol Lindemulder
Kathie Markham
Joe & Linda Marrone
Ron & Dale May
Jessica McGee
Zeke & Beth Montes
Eleanor Murillo
Carin Howard & John Oldenkamp
Bjorn Palenius
Mary Johnson & Mark Parisi
Lawrence & Marcy Paull
Edward Paynter
Carolyn Read
Kristin Reichardt Kirwan
Dorothy Rudd
Tim Stabosz
Swanson Studios
James & Nancy Schibanoff
Shirley Seagren
Joel Fine & Donald Smith
Gary Solomon
Vykki Mende Gray & David Swarens
Melvin & Ellen Sweet
Nancy J. Turecek
Susan D. Walter & Stephen Van Wormer
Louis Vener
Victor Walsh
Michael Walton
Robin Webster
Ann Zahner
Alan Ziter

2007 - Volume 38, Issue 1


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From the Editor

Most Endangered

A Brief History of Rancho Guejito

Another Part of the Story

The Threat

The Beauty of our State Parks in Peril

The Cultural Landscape Connection to Historic Preservation

What is a Cultural Landscape?

The Historic Home Landscape and Gardens

A Short Landscape Glossary

Importance of the Garden in Home Planning

When was Modern New?

Every Bungalow Represents our History

History Repeating

The Sherman-Glbert House

150th Anniversary of the Jackass Mail


Strength in Numbers

Lost San Diego

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