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Because We Need You Now
More Than Ever

First of all we want to thank you as a member of SOHO for caring about historic preservation in San Diego.

You know that saving our environment is an important and crucial issue for all of us. That it is crucial to our quality of life. Our historic buildings, neighborhoods and landscapes are all a part of that environment. We have a lot of work to do and we need you to help us.

What we are asking of you is to take a few minutes and think about all the potential members you could bring to SOHO.

We are asking you to take the time to tell SOHO's story and invite people to become a part of that story. We know that there are many hundreds of potential members out there, people who want to be connected to our heritage in a tangible way, and that they would be honored to be a part of our organization. They just need to be made aware of who SOHO is and what SOHO does.

Remember that governments and other decision-makers have choices when they decide on their preservation policies. They make choices and their choices can be influenced.

By helping us bring new members to SOHO, by increasing our numbers you are in fact creating a stronger, more influential voice at City Hall. That's why we're asking you to invite your friends and colleagues to join SOHO.

A collective voice represented by SOHO as a coalition with statewide and national advocacy groups, is crucial for protecting and expanding governmental support for preservation.

As a valued member of SOHO, you know there is power in numbers! We need you to tell others about the rewards of belonging to an organized group of advocates who are dedicated to securing the future for San Diego County.

We hope you will encourage others to join with us to gain the advantages that our communities need as we work together to secure the future for ourselves and for the 3 million San Diegans county wide who are counting on us to lead the way.

Membership is the key to success, and together we are the key to saving San Diego's past for the future.

Please pass along the membership form in this issue. Your friends can also join online easily at

Thank you for your consideration,

Beth Montes, SOHO President
Bruce Coons, SOHO Executive Director

2006 - Volume 37, Issue 1


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Because We Need You Now More Than Ever

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