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Without Our Members

By Bruce Coons

Those without vision and without care for San Diego continue to wreak havoc on the character and livability of our communities. And even with the real estate boom beginning to collapse as booms always do, people continue to bring more teardowns and more "McMansions" to every town and city across San Diego County.

Public policies at the individual community level are needed now more than ever. We hear from people weekly who are increasingly alarmed that San Diego's leaders do not adequately address or protect the character-defining places that reflect our communities' heritage. These leaders need to be proactive in protecting these resources. The economic viability of the city depends on it.

These policy-makers are generally uninformed about the economic value of heritage tourism. They are generally uniformed about the benefits to environmental protection and our quality of life, and that housing and jobs are created out of preserving and rehabilitating historic landmarks and neighborhoods.

Without our members SOHO could not provide the education, assistance and advocacy that is increasingly in demand. Please help. Consider renewing at a higher level and help us in recruiting new members.

2006 - Volume 37, Issue 1


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Without Our Members

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