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35th Annual Meeting & Election

By Beth Montes

A special thanks to the members who attended the Annual Meeting at my home on September 24th. It was a great turnout with lots of delicious food and delightful conversation with old and new SOHO friends.

We held our election of board members and officers per the slate proposed by the nominating committee, approved by the board, and mailed to the entire membership. A special thanks to outgoing board members Susan Hector and Tim Rudolph. Taking their places are two new and one returning directors. Jim Shibanoff and John Eisenhart will be bringing their fresh perspectives to the board, while Bonnie Poppe returns after several years on hiatus (from the board that is, not from other SOHO activities!). Peter Janopaul remains on the Board as an alternate.

Barry Hager will be taking over the Vice President slot from Peter Janopaul, who in turn will remain as an alternate; the other officers remain the same: Jessica McGee, Treasurer; Lori Peoples, Secretary; Erik Hanson, Ex Officio; and myself as President.

The Annual Meeting is one of my favorite events. It is a chance for us all to come together for a visit not related to any other activity; a time to get to know one another beyond our common preservation bond. This year's meeting certainly upheld these fond feelings; thanks again for another memorable year.

2005 - Volume 36, Issue 4


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