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Coronadans Create Conservancy to Save Cottages

The First Cottage Sunday home will be open December 11, 1pm

A community effort to halt the loss of Coronado's cottages and bungalows and to celebrate their presence in a changing environment was launched on October 12 with the founding of the Coronado Cottage Conservancy at a meeting at the Coronado Public Library's Winn Room which attracted more than 50 residents. The Conservancy, which defines a cottage as being approximately 1500 square feet and 75 years old or older, will work to show property owners that additions and enlargements can be made to a cottage that will accommodate the needs of the twenty-first century family while still retaining its contribution to Coronado's unique architectural character. They will be a non-profit corporation funded by membership dues, fundraising, and donations for the sole purpose of saving these cottages, and are exploring programs such as low-interest loans to those who qualify for financial assistance; assistance in securing exemptions for city codes and regulations for historically sensitive modification of a building; and discounted architectural work, interior design, vendor supply, and landscaping.

Coronado's Historic Resource Commission can declare a structure historic and thereby prevent or delay demolition plans if certain criteria, such as a famous architect or resident, are met. Unfortunately, this doesn't always apply to the small bungalows and cottages that have formed the fabric and history of Coronado's community for over 100 years, and as a result, they are disappearing at an alarming rate.

The Conservancy hopes to get owners to cooperate by using incentives. An example of what the Conservancy hopes to accomplish is the preservation of eight post-Victorian cottages in the 700 block of B Avenue.

On December 11 they will present the first in a planned series called Cottage Sunday, where a select cottage will be open to the public for two hours. First up is a 1909 bungalow located at 749 C Avenue that will open its doors at 1pm.

For more information please contact at Nancy Cobb at (619) 435-5993 or Sharon Sherman at (619) 437-1628.

Editors note: This is the third preservation related community group to form in the last year: Mission Hills Heritage, La Playa Heritage, and now Coronado. Elected officials and decision makers better wake up and take notice. San Diegans are taking back their neighborhoods.

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