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Getting to Know Your SOHO Staff

Maureen McLellan is a native of New Orleans and began as a volunteer with SOHO in 2000 while in her junior year of high school. She is now a junior at San Diego State University majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management with an emphasis in events, conventions and attractions. Maureen is now the Assistant Events and Education Coordinator, and handles Membership for SOHO. Maureen is an exceptional young woman who is able to assist with any manner of office or museum duties and is a real asset to the organization.

2005 - Volume 36, Issue 1


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Preservation Wins and Winners

Happy New Year!

The Ranch House at Warner's

Progress Report on Red Roost/Red Rest

Balboa Theatre

SOHO Files Suit in Del Mar to Stop Demolition

2004 Historical Landmarks

Mission Hills Heritage

SOHO would like to extend appreciation

In Memoriam

Adobe Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

Our Wish List for the Adobe Chapel

Thank You's

Adobe Chapel Welcomes the Old Town Community

An Exciting Opportunity for Volunteers

Bringing History Alive at the Whaley House

Who is the Chinese Gardener at the Whaley House?

Cheap San Diego Housing

Resource Directory (33-page pdf)

Four Treatment Approaches

Yeah, yeah, yeah - Modernism Rocks!

Some Like It Preserved

People In Preservation

Getting to Know Your SOHO Staff

Houses Available, Must be Moved

Notice: Date Moved for SOHO Board Directors Meetings

Notice to all Members with email

Found San Diego

Strength in Numbers

Lost San Diego

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