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Old Police Headquarters Saved!

SOHO supports GMS, San Diego Unified Port District, and Diane Powers in Redevelopment of the OPHQ. Working with GMS and Port Officials has finally paid off. GMS has concluded that it is in their best interest to keep as much as possible of the Police Headquarters for retail space. We knew that once the economic advantages were fairly considered the pieces would fall into place. Both entities needed the space to evaluate their options without constantly being on the defense against unfair, untrue and ill-considered accusations. The Port opened the door with Peter Q. Davis' initiative that led to rethinking the options for the OPHQ site. This is a verification that people of good will, given the opportunity, can come up with not only appropriate solutions, sometimes they can come up with a spectacular solution that is best for all concerned. Just as it happened with the Padres.

GMS has committed to keep over 95% of the OPHQ, and to rehabilitate the building using the Secretary of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation. They will also make room for Diane Powers' Bazaar del Mundo, and Dale Steele's public market. A park will extend across the front of the OPHQ and a major new park will be installed exactly where SOHO first advocated it to be, on the water at the old restaurant site just west of the OPHQ.

SOHO salutes the Port of San Diego and GMS for an outstanding project for the benefit of the citizens of San Diego and our visitors. This is a project that will be of great importance to future San Diegans long after we are gone.

Thanks to all SOHO members and civic groups who have pushed for this day.

November 15, 2013

2004 - Volume 35, Issue 4


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