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Chandler House to be Saved from
The Big Sleep

Working with the developers and the City of San Diego, SOHO has been able to preserve the Raymond Chandler Home and Study. The house was bought for investment purposes and was to be remodeled and receive several additions.

One of the most significant portions of the house is the study where Chandler wrote The Long Goodbye among other works. Along with the study, all of the home's character defining features will be retained including decorative rafter tails, six over six windows, doors and moldings, and stucco matching the original. A plaque will be installed at street level telling the story of Chandler's residence there. Chandler's books and film scripts defined Southern California during the 1940's and created a whole genre of film and literary noir. San Diego Union's Peter Rowe first wrote about the situation and brought it to everyone's attention. Steve Chappell did another great article for the LA times. Chandler's writing virtually defined the image of Southern California during the 1940's.

2004 - Volume 35, Issue 4


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