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Letter to the Editor

On behalf of the Preibisius family I would like to thank SOHO for including the Connell/Preibisius House on their Craftsman-Spanish Revival Weekend tour, Sunday, March 7. Henry Harms Preibisius, the architect and builder of the home, was my great-grandfather. It was a privilege for my family and I (three generations of the Preibisius family) to be able to walk through this magnificent example of his craftsmanship.

I would also like to thank the San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine for including the excellent article and photographs of the home in the March 2004 issue.

I would especially like to thank Mary Ann and Robert Vinck for the beautiful job of restoration they have done on the home. I cannot help but think that "Grandpa Preibisius" would feel right at home if he were to walk into the house today and feel gratified that it has come into the hands of people who respect and appreciate his work.

Finally, I would like to express my family's thanks to Beth Montes, whose meticulous research resulted in the Connell/Preibisius House receiving the historic designation of Historic Resource Number 595. We are all very pleased that Henry Harms Preibisius has received this recognition as an early builder in San Diego, and an excellent craftsman and artist in his own right.

Anita Preibisius Shaw

2004 - Volume 35, Issue 2


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