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Port Votes to Demolish 40% of the OPHQ

On December 16, 2003, the San Diego Unified Port District approved a multi-million dollar project to create an open space park. It calls for partial demolition of the historic Old Police Headquarters. The project was approved in spite of the Marina District having more parks per square mile than any other part of downtown and also in spite of evidence that the entire Old Police Headquarters could be saved and the park built at a reduced cost.

Even more outrageous was that Dianne Powers of Bazaar del Mundo offered an elegant solution to a myriad of issues. Ms. Powers offered to take over the complex immediately. She said she could use the entire building. This is the best solution we have heard thus far. It is a solution for the Old Police Headquarters as well as for downtown residents, Seaport Village, the tourism industry, San Diegans, and Bazaar del Mundo.

Groups asking the Port to leave the building intact except for removal of the non-historic additions included SOHO, The San Diego Police Historical Association, the San Diego Police Officers Association, the San Diego Municipal Employees Association, the Los Angeles Police Historical Society, and the Council of Design Professionals. In addition, federal, state, and local representatives and thousands of citizens have also made this request.

The Port, led by Peter Q. Davis, made the decision for partial demolition while rejecting letters, phone calls, and testimony from members of the public saying the building is a national jewel.

We need everyone to call the Port District and our local politicians to make the Bazaar del Mundo solution happen now before Dianne Powers is forced to seek another location, and we lose this opportunity forever.

2004 - Volume 35, Issue 1


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