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S. Kathleen Flanigan Preservation Revolving Fund

It was with great sorrow that we said goodbye to Kathy Flanigan in early December 2003. She was a tireless advocate for historic preservation, and SOHO's Board of Directors wanted to find an appropriate way to remember her and her legacy in the preservation community. The Board approved a motion to change the name of SOHO's existing Preservation Revolving Fund to the S. Kathleen Flanigan Memorial Preservation Revolving Fund.

Every year we witness the loss of historic buildings, houses, and other resources. Sometimes this loss is due to neglect but more often because of economic pressure to demolish for new development. SOHO established the Preservation Revolving Fund to allow SOHO to purchase endangered properties, stabilize the properties, place restrictive covenants on them to prevent destruction, and re-sell the properties to sympathetic buyers. Sale proceeds will be returned to the fund and used to save the next building.

Kathy Flanigan saved buildings and other historic resources through research and passionate dedication. The memorial fund will continue her work by allowing us to purchase historic and cultural resources she did not have the chance to preserve.

If you would like to make a contribution to Kathy's Memorial Preservation Revolving Fund, please make your check payable to SOHO. Be sure to put "S. Kathleen Flanigan Memorial Preservation Revolving Fund" in the memo line or cover letter with your check and mail it to:

Save Our Heritage Organisation
2476 San Diego Avenue, San Diego CA 92110
SOHO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donation is fully tax deductible.

Preservation Revolving Fund

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