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Red Rest and Red Roost Update

For over 25 years, SOHO has been involved in the efforts to save and preserve the Red Roost and Rest Rest cottages on Coast Boulevard in La Jolla. Built in 1894, the cottages are La Jolla's oldest surviving examples of late-Victorian beach cottage architecture.

With the last rental tenants leaving in 1977, the cottages' owners had allowed them to sit vacant, withholding all maintenance as vines and vegetation grew over the structures. Deterioration had accelerated in recent years, with holes developing in the cottages' roofs, allowing rainwater and debris to enter the cottages. SOHO urged the City of San Diego Neighborhood Code Compliance department to enforce various code violations against the owners, but too little progress was made.

In an effort to prevent the continuing "demolition by neglect," SOHO filed suit against the City of San Diego and the owners of the cottages in September 2002. Around the same time, the San Diego City Attorney's Office began an investigation against the owners regarding violations of the San Diego Municipal Code. Shortly after SOHO filed its lawsuit, the owners placed tarps over the roofs of the cottages and cut back the overgrown vegetation.

Since that time our Attorneys along with SOHO President David Marshall, Vice- President Barry Hager and Executive Director Bruce Coons have met with the owners of the cottages several times. During these meetings and in other communications, the owners have made various assurances that they would proceed with a development plan for the site that would include adaptive reuse of the cottages. While initially discussing a plan which would have preserved only one cottage the owners shifted to a proposed development plan which incorporates both cottages. The owners have promised to protect the cottages from further decay, and they have committed to continue meeting with SOHO to keep us apprised.

Based on the recent cooperation between SOHO, the owners, and the City of San Diego, SOHO has decided to dismiss its lawsuit "without prejudice," meaning that it can be re-filed at any time. We believe that the best chance for the cottages' survival is through economically viable adaptive re-use of both cottages, and we are giving the owners an opportunity to pursue such a plan.

We are committed to protecting and restoring these remarkable and historic cottages for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. SOHO will remain diligent and continue to monitor any and all developments.

2003 - Volume 34, Issue 4


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