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Volunteer Appreciation & Annual Elections

By Sandé Lollis

The sun shone above the Whaley House. The afternoon sky was blue and pleasant. The trough was stocked with ice and sodas, and greeters stood at the ready. One by one those tireless, indomitable SOHO volunteers began making their way along the pathways and through the gardens at the Whaley House, all smiles and hello's. After a quick stop for a nametag, they continued on to the gazebo area where tables of Mexican food from El Indio awaited them, ready to tempt and satisfy. There were enchiladas, taquitos, jalapeño poppers, burritos, rice and beans, guacamole and salsa fresca: a Mexican food lover's dream-come-true!

(left) Tim Rudolph, David Marshall, Bruce Coons; (right) Volunteers and members at the event.

(left) Jeff Lollis & Faith Berry; (right) Les & Liz Stiel.

(left) David Marshall & Mike Kelly; (right) Deirdre Lee & Sharon Gehl.

(left) Lynn & Michelle Hamilton; (right) Christine Babcock, Maureen McLellan, Virginia & Brady Babcock.

(left) Tom & Phyllis Shess, Erik Hanson; (right) Holly & Welton Jones.

There were some among our members and volunteers who had not been to the Whaley House since we took over stewardship three years ago. What an opportunity for everyone to see the progress we've made. Members and volunteers were pleased to see the grounds looking so lovely. Some who met each other as house docents during other events and at other venues were now meeting again on SOHO common ground, happily conversing and enjoying the afternoon together.

SOHO Executive Director Bruce Coons led groups through the Whaley House to see the restoration in progress: the removal of the carpet in the entryway and hall and the faux wood graining in the parlor. Everyone was impressed by the quality of the work being done and by the difference it makes to have it all done right and true to the period.

As the afternoon faded into evening, there was an exchange of visitors as some volunteers left and some stayed, while even more SOHO members arrived for the Annual Meeting and Elections for the Board of Directors. Newcomers happily joined in the dining as there was plenty of food remaining.

With the time for the elections fast approaching, SOHO President David Marshall spoke to the group, recapping the events and progress of the past year. Positions needing to be filled were for all the officers and one director. Each of the current members holding these positions agreed to maintain them for another term. The slate was voted on and approved.

Another matter before the Board that day was a resolution to apply for a TOT (Tourist Occupancy Tax) grant from the city. The Board voted and approved of our applying for the grant.

With those two business matters taken care of, the third and final issue was the passing of the SOHO Lady. The SOHO Lady is a table lamp of questionable beauty, which is given each year to honor one special volunteer. Last year's recipient, Everett Mehner, was on hand to officially reward this year's exceptional volunteer, Christopher Pro, with a certificate of excellence and the treasured lamp, which must be prominently displayed at all times during the year until it is passed on to the next recipient. Christopher was thrilled to be honored and to be part of such a long-standing tradition.

So another year is under way, and it will most certainly be filled with hope, big plans and successes, and even more opportunities to volunteer and be an integral part of what and who SOHO is.

Photos by Sandé Lollis

2003 - Volume 34, Issue 4


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