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Interstate 163 Designated Historic Parkway

Christine Kehoe, SOHO Board member David Swarens, SOHO President David Marshall

Assemblymember Christine Kehoe, a member of the Assembly Transportation Committee, announced at a press event on October 25th, that the segment of Highway 163 that runs through the Balboa Park area (known as the Cabrillo Highway) has been designated by the State as a California Historic Parkway. AB 3025, the bill that designates this portion of Highway 163 a Historic Parkway, was signed by Governor Davis and takes effect immediately.

"This stretch of highway is particularly important to San Diegans," said Kehoe. "Designating the Cabrillo Highway a Historic Parkway recognizable by the brown Historical Route signs continues the ongoing effort to protect the historic nature and beauty of the highway while providing a safe corridor for motorists driving in and out of downtown San Diego."

California law required that roads must be built prior to 1945 to be "historic". This was changed to allow the historic designation of this stretch of freeway, which was built in 1948 using highway designs that were used prior to 1945. As a member of the Transportation Committee, Ms. Kehoe had this provision included in a bill that dealt with a variety of statewide transportation issues.

"Highway 163 is now a Historic Highway," said Kehoe. "Community groups and residents of San Diego have been pushing for this designation for years. The hope is that the Historic Highway brown signs will attract attention to this beautiful roadway and help motorists drive at safer speeds."

Congresswoman Susan Davis and Councilmember Toni Atkins also spoke at the press event, which was held on the Cabrillo Historic Bridge, which overlooks this portion of Interstate 163.

Editor's note: Many of you will remember it was SOHO who leaked to the press the initial plans for destroying the parkway to allow for higher speeds. Christine Kehoe and Toni Atkins quickly took the lead and this designation is the result of their work and two years of meetings with concerned citizens at SOHO.

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