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SOHO Celebrates Two Year Anniversary at the Whaley House

Thanks to the following volunteers and staff:

Autumn Acker
Maria Balandran
Faith Berry
Alana Coons
Bruce Coons
Jordan Dubois
Bob Feldman
Danielle Funk
Frank Garcia
Carolyn Goodrich
Barry Hager
Lynn Hamilton
Michelle Hamilton
Erik Hanson
Susan Hector
Athena Jaharis
Peter Janopaul
Chris Johnson
Mary Jones
Welton Jones
Kathleen Kelley-Markham
Mike Kelly
John Kinsfather
Jeff Lollis
Sandé Lollis
David Marshall

Ruth Martinson
Joyce McBride
Jessica McGee
Everett Mehner
Mary Miller
Dick Miller
Beth Montes
Patricia Moore
Casey O'Hanlon
Lori Peoples
George Plum
Christopher Pro
Pat Pro
Tim Rudolph
Victor Santana
Ella Springer
Jody Springer
Pauline Stephan
David Swarens
Robin Sweeton
Rae Symonds
Jokie Tolentino
Mary Wendorf
Steven Wilson
Julie Wolfe
Martin Wolfe

c. 1960, HABS

2003 - Volume 34, Issue 1


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The Tecate Depot & the Future of the Past in Baja California

A Significant Win For the OPHQ

Coronado Railroad, Politics and the Will of the People

President's Message

South Bay About to Lose Important Transportation Link

SOHO Archivist, a Welcome Addition

New Offices For SOHO

Community Outreach

University Heights Takes Action

Events & Education News

Grants & Donations - Thank You

Preservation Action Update

Planned Giving Program

Volunteer Profile

Interstate 163 Designated Historic Parkway

SOHO Celebrates Two Year Anniversary at the Whaley House

Florence C. Shipek 1918-2003

SOHO's People In Preservation Nomination Form
The All New Sixth Annual San Diego Arts & Crafts Weekend

Red Tile Style Discovery

Strength in Numbers

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