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Events & Education

By Alana Coons

The Events and Education committee has been planning another active year for SOHO members. Historic tours, great parties, workshops and lectures, living history with performances and theatre, special exhibits and more publications.

Along with a core committee, we rely heavily on volunteers. Take a look at our Calendar of Events and see if something looks good for you. If you are a new member, please don't be shy. SOHO is growing at a rapid rate and many of us are newcomers, give us a try, you will find ndlike-minded friends and comrades who enjoy creating and fueling events that help to make a difference in our neighborhoods and communities and have fun doing it.

SOHO's volunteer bank is made up of friendly down-to-earth people, whose walks of life cover wide ranges from the professional to the housewife/husband, retired and students who are looking for a service oriented lifestyle and find SOHO a rewarding and pleasant place to be.

Not interested in volunteering at this time? Fine, just come and enjoy all we have planned for you this year. The Whaley house is home to the first professional theater in San Diego. We are making the most of this claim to fame and will be having many historical performances, reenactments, musicians, and lectures from this great venue. Currently when you visit you will see period artist Chris Ownby painting the stage backdrop. As a SOHO member your free admission to the house enables you to stop by anytime you have a free moment or just passing by. At various times of the week period musicians provide a respite from the modern world while you sit in the recreated theater and enjoy a concert courtesy of SOHO and the Whaley house. And be sure to mark your calendars now for a summer evening production on the green that promises to be the show of the season.

For 20 years SOHO has been recognizing San Diegans for their contributions to preservation. The 20th Annual People In Preservation awards event is going to be a special occasion, one that could only be held at the Hotel Del Coronado. This night of success stories and the unveiling of the 11 Most Endangered list is always an emotionally gratifying evening coupled with great conversation, food and drink. This is not your typical awards ceremony, the energy and excitement of the evening is palatable.

The 4th annual Old House Fair is going to be our first. As a sponsor of the fair, in name only, the last three years, we look forward to building on the success of the event and strengthening and expanding the restoration theme. A historic home tour and interesting and diversified vendors should make this a very productive, educational and fun day for the old house owner or old house enthusiast.

August will bring a major gala event to raise funds for the Preservation Revolving Fund. This is the tool that once firmly established will change the face of neighborhood development in San Diego. No longer will we be faced with the insensitive development of neighborhoods by bulldozing our unrecoverable heritage, we will be buying the properties and reselling them to preservation minded owners, securing our precious resources and thereby the quality of our historic communities. Please help make this a reality. Your donation is tax-deductible, and together we can change what happens to San Diego countywide.

Many other events are scheduled, watch the calendar; look for invitations and announcements in the mail. For more than 33 years SOHO has been the only historic preservation group in San Diego and, thanks to all of you, is among the largest and most effective preservation groups in the state!

2002 - Volume 33, Issue 1


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