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Save the SS Catalina

By Phil Dockery

Courtesy SSCPA Collection

S.S. Catalina Preservation Association (SSCPA) President Phil Dockery and Vice President María Castillo-Curry traveled to Ensenada on January 29th to meet with the new Vice Admiral stationed at the navy base there. Vice Admiral Gerónimo Bringas turned out to be very gracious and interested in the project. He expressed his support in working with SSCPA and offered helpful advice in moving the project forward.

SSCPA learned in December that another construction project is slated to begin in the Ensenada harbor in the near future. This project, a 400-slip marina costing 10 million dollars, will be built on the site where the Catalina now rests half-submerged. The first phase of this project will include removal of the Catalina. Since it will be easier, faster, and more cost effective to refloat the ship rather than scrap her on the spot, SSCPA has offered their past experience, contacts, and dive surveys to the company in exchange for the gift of the ship once she is refloated. Initial contacts have been made with the company and SSCPA is hoping for a meeting with the company's attorney in the near future. If a partnership can be worked out this will be the most significant step so far in the effort to save the ship.

Plans are also being discussed for a large public presentation event to be held in the near future, possibly hosted by Los Angeles Harbor College. Details will be announced as soon as they are available.

Donations to the SSCPA's preservation efforts can be sent to their corporate address at 18242 McDurmott, Suite J, Irvine, CA 92614. Other information and updates are available at their web site,

2002 - Volume 33, Issue 1


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