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Preservation Revolving Fund Kick Off

By Beth Montes

Jim and Barbara Roper's Cliff May home

Photo by Sandé Lollis

The first official fundraiser for the Preservation Revolving Fund was a great success! Thanks to all of you who came out in support of this essential and important fund. And thanks to the many that sent in donations to the fund that were unable to attend. The evening was gorgeous, and our hosts for the party, Jim and Barbara Roper, were incredibly gracious and generous in opening their home. The Cliff May jewel, and what a jewel it is, was decorated for the season with its "Los Muertos" Day of the Dead, a collection the couple have been building for years, which suited the interior of the house well. The hacienda is laid out for entertaining, Cliff May's inspiration coming from the early Californio's homes which were famous for their hospitable surroundings and ease of entertaining, of which they did much.

Decorated with the perfect mix of antiques, family pieces and contemporary, the Ropers have done a superb job with the house.

The food and wine, which was donated by Kelley-Markham Architecture and Planning firm was enjoyed on the back verandah, which the house opens out to, beautifully decorated and laid out by our host. Jim Kelly-Markham, a knowledgeable fan of Cliff May's work gave a talk and tour of the house that was informative and delightful.

Committee chairman Barry Hager also spoke to the gathering with eloquence and wisdom of the use that the Preservation Revolving Fund will have and how important the support of it means to the preservation of San Diego's communities.

All of SOHO's parties are wonderful, SOHO has a knack for holding some of the most interesting events in town, but this party goes to the head of the list in the wonderful category, for just pure wonderful. Wish you all could have been there.

The Preservation Revolving Fund committee is planning a gala event for the next fundraiser. This will take work to make it the major event that is hoped for, so please if you are interested in volunteering your time to help the committee with this event, call and leave a message for chairman Barry Hager, at the SOHO office.

Once again, thanks to our hosts, thanks to the committee, and thanks to all of you who supported this worthy fund.

2001 - Volume 32, Issue 4


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