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Volunteers Make The Difference

By Alana Coons, Volunteer Coordinator

Thank you volunteers. Your dedication to SOHO has always been evident, but with the work you have helped us to accomplish in the past two months, you have reiterated that dedication with renewed vigor.

Through all the laborious hours, you kept your good humor and inspired others to jump on board. Together we moved our offices, established a docent and staff lounge, and set up our reference library. We have conducted preservation workshops and created a master restoration garden plan for the Whaley house complex. Meanwhile, you have pitched in and staffed the museum, bringing the preservation message to thousands.

With your many skills and interests you have helped create programs for the coming year, produced both promotional and educational literature, and you are developing procedural manuals.

The massive undertaking of the Great Whaley House move on August 14th could not have been done without your hard work. You scrubbed walls and floors that hadn't been cleaned in decades, worked on doors and windows that hadn't been opened in so many years, removed the 1960's Mediterranean and glass petitions, allowing visitors access to some of the rooms for the first time ever. Removing the florescent light boxes above each doorway, wow, what a difference! Spackling and painting, valiently trying to erase years of neglect in one day. You worked hard and long hours, the very last of us leaving at midnight. What a day. Thanks to all of you, the Whaley house is starting to look like a historic site.

There were those who tried to slip things by during these summer months, with many on vacation, remaining preservationists, inundated with the Whaley House, might be caught unaware. However, their transparent ploys did not succeed, and we didn't miss a beat. SOHO is one of the premier preservation groups in the country and that is because of people like you. Thank you for your dedication and thank you for your continued involvement, and thanks to you, SOHO's larger mission, that of the constant vigil of overseeing San Diego's historic legacy, has not faltered one bit.

2001 - Volume 32, Issue 3


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