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Aztec Brewery Art & Artifact Ensemble

By Vonn Marie May

Sometimes in preservation certain issues are at the forefront and some quiet down for one reason or another. So goes the saga of the Aztec Brewery Murals and their attendant artifacts. Retrieved from the Quayle Brothers designed Brewery's tasting room, the Rathskellar, prior to unnecessary demolition back in 1989, these items since have been part displayed, part stored, and have consistently been moved from one warehouse to another.

The good news is that the Don Jose Moya del Piño Murals are at the Balboa Conservation Center in Balboa Park hopefully undergoing restoration. However, the rest of the artifacts that complete a composite scene are stored elsewhere and could be in transit once again since their last resting place was at NTC, now undergoing mass demolition.

SOHO is concerned about the separation of these City owned historical art objects because of their integrity as a visual and culturally bonded collection. Both the fate and the interpretation of the murals along with; stained glass windows, painted doors, chandeliers, hand-carved and hand-painted ceiling beams, pre-Columbian motif ceiling panels, plaster hand-painted surfaces, mirrors, cabinets, furniture, plaster calendar, kitchenette and marble stall bathroom are unknown at this time with no definitive answers from the City. Stay tuned.

Rathskkellar Interior

2001 - Volume 32, Issue 3


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