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SOHO Membership Drive

Calling all members to action!

Membership numbers are one of the most powerful tools we, as preservationists, can yield. When SOHO goes before city hall with a membership roster of thousands, Council is fully aware that for every individual on our roster, there are potentially hundreds of persons in the general population with the same viewpoint.

Numbers speak to elected officials, period. Most of our memberships represent households with two or more voters, and, as such, SOHO represents many thousands of San Diegans.

Our city is enjoying economic good times, but as we all know, a good economy is not always great for Preservation. It does not have to be that way, and is not that way, in more sophisticated cities which treasure and respect their heritage and their citizens simultaneously.

We can make the difference. Look at our recent saves, the Ranch House at Warner's and the War Memorial Building, among others. These buildings are important monuments that make San Diego great.

However, we can not ignore the grave losses suffered in San Diego this past year. Major neighborhood-defining architectural gems are gone forever. In their places, empty lots from development deals gone badly or otherwise. Joining forces with SOHO is a real way that we, as citizens, can fight back.

Please join us now in our membership drive. We are asking every SOHO member to recruit one new member by year's end. This would double our membership, greatly enhancing our influence at City Hall.

Give the membership application below to a friend or co-worker and encourage them to join today. Or give a gift membership to a friend or relative and at the same time a gift to San Diego's heritage.

2001 - Volume 32, Issue 2


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SOHO Membership Drive

Contributors to Success

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