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Executive Director Report

Regional Preservation

By Bruce D. Coons

SOHO is beginning the process of putting together a regional coalition of historic preservation and other environmental groups to increase our collective influence, and to more effectively deal with issues that affect us all. These issues include the impacts caused by transportation systems including freeways, the location of the International airport, what will become of Camp Pendelton after the Marines leave, the effects of urban sprawl, the so-called "Smart Growth Initiatives," preservation of our cultural landscapes and preservation across the border. This coalition is initially expected to encompass groups from Santa Barbara South to Ensenada, and East to Yuma.

SOHO is in a unique position to facilitate the formation of such a coalition, both geographically and with our ever-increasing influence. We are now one of the largest preservation groups in the nation, and the second largest historical group in San Diego County.

As historic preservation is gathering momentum, the power of a regional coalition will be highly influential when dealing with public officials and developers. We must also increase our direct political power by electing preservation friendly candidates to political office.

This coalition will also address ways of increasing participation in historic preservation activities with a more ethnically diverse group as the demographics of our region shift and change. To further strengthen this preservation front, SOHO is planning a regional conference to be held in San Diego in 2002.

I believe that SOHO is better prepared than it has ever been to provide the kind of leadership necessary to move San Diego into the future, while preserving the integrity of its past.

2001 - Volume 32, Issue 2


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