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SOHO's Preservation Revolving Fund

By Barry E. Hager

Each year in San Diego we witness the loss of more and more of our historic buildings, houses and other structures. This is due sometimes to neglect, but more often to economic pressure to demolish for new development. Once gone, these precious resources can never be regained.

In the never-ending battle to preserve our historic resources against the ever-present threat of destruction, SOHO has established a Revolving Preservation Fund. Through the fund SOHO will purchase an endangered property, take actions to protect and preserve it, and then re-sell the property with restrictive covenants. The proceeds will then be re-used for the next endangered project, thus the term revolving fund.

In a city where the governmental entities charged with protection of historic resources are less and less inclined to enforce their preservation powers, economic incentives often result and even encourage the destruction of historic structures. This Fund will offer SOHO a new and powerful approach to preservation. Similar programs have been used with great success by other preservation organizations, such as Pasadena Heritage and the very successful Preservation North Carolina.

Presently, the Revolving Fund consists of limited monies from SOHO's general operating funds. A serious infusion of more money will be necessary before the Revolving Fund can be utilized for its first project. SOHO welcomes cash donations of any size for the Revolving Fund. Please make checks payable to SOHO, and specify that the donation is for the Revolving Fund. Send checks to Save Our Heritage Organisation, P.O. Box 3429, San Diego, CA 92163.

2001 - Volume 32, Issue 1


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