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The La Jolla Saga Continues

The following article is from the SOHO newsletter archives, dated August 1977

Red Rest and Red Roost cottages

Photo by Douglas Keister ©1999

This is probably the first time since they were built in 1894 that the Red Rest and Red Roost have sat vacant at the peak of the summer season. These two cottages across the street from the La Jolla Cove are considered good examples of the earliest California Bungalows. They are officially designated historic sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The residents of the Red Rest and Red Roost finished moving out on July 21 and as a parting gesture, gave the cottages a new paint job. The tenants have taken pride in their historic residences and have long wished to paint them to restore their appearance. The owner, however, has threatened eviction in the past if the cottages should be painted. With eviction upon them and nothing to lose, the departing residents gave the cottages their first full coat of red paint since the 1950's, in hopes of calling public attention to their worthiness of preservation. The paint was provided by the La Jolla Committee of the Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO).

The owner of the cottages, Jack Heimburge, has been denied a demolition permit by the Coastal Commission and admits no specific plans for the cottages except to use them for storage for his new construction project at the south end of the Cove Motel. The cottages will apparently remain vacant for an indefinite period of time, and it can only be hoped that Mr. Heimburge will not let the condition of the cottages deteriorate. His installation of lighting around the buildings and fire detection devices is encouraging.

SOHO's La Jolla Committee, headed by Tony Ciani, is drawing up a list of alternatives in order to discuss with Mr. Heimburge priorities for developing his property considering the owner's economic needs and the community's need to retain these charming reminders of La Jolla's beginnings. SOHO hopes to assist Mr. Heimburge in developing a project that would incorporate preservation of the cottages through adaptive re-use. The La Jolla Committee can make available to the owner the technical know-how to carry off a successful preservation project in terms of development possibilities and utilization of the financial benefits of historic designation, such as grantsin- aid, exterior easements, income tax reforms and property tax breaks.

SOHO's La Jolla Committee has led the efforts to save the Red Rest and Red Roost for almost three years. "Although the cottages have been vacated," Tony says, "we've reached a plateau where the need for retaining the cottages has been recognized by the Coastal Commission, and the owner says he is willing to sit down and discuss development alternatives that include preservation."

Editor's Note:
Here we are twenty-four years later and find the Red Rest and the Red Roost on SOHO's endangered list still. SOHO has written a letter to the City of San Diego requesting that they implement their new ordinance against demolition by neglect. The letter was sent in August and as of this date, the City has not responded. Write or call City Hall demanding their attention to this shameful and wanton neglect of these structures. Ask them to act on their own ordinance.

2001 - Volume 32, Issue 1


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