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Friends Of Balboa Park and Jim Hughes
Stewardship Award

Charles TianoA few years after an Eastlake style Victorian era house was constructed downtown during a brief, late 1880s building boom, the San Diego Cable Railway Company moved it along its line to University Heights. This spec house #1 was meant to enhance and increase interest in the more than 100 vacant lots along Adams Avenue that the company was offering for sale. The house was moved again around 1913 to its current location on Adams Avenue.

The owner has rehabilitated this rare survivor of early residential San Diego with care. Standout architectural details include reproduced siding, a period front door with transom window, and reinstalled the home's tall, narrow windows. This rehabilitation is especially important in telling the story of how the city developed stylistically. The owner has since been rewarded by having his home designated historic by the city's Historical Resources Board.

For excellence in a residential rehabilitation, we applaud Charles Tiano, winner of this year's Stewardship Award.

Photos by Sandé Lollis




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