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Thirty-fifth Annual People In Preservation Award Winners - 2017

This is our 35th annual People In Preservation Awards, San Diego's prestigious historic preservation awards.

SOHO's PIP awards are known as the most prestigious preservation honors in the region. This is true not only because of longevity. It's largely because SOHO maintains impeccably high standards in choosing its People In Preservation.

The awards are an opportunity for San Diegans to recognize the efforts that property owners and community members have accomplished in preserving the historic resources of our region. People In Preservation encourages historic preservation and acknowledges that good preservation can come in many forms; from the restoration of the most modest residence to the grandest mansion, from our earliest structures to mid-century contributions, and includes both the private and the public sector.

Congratulations to all our People In Preservation winners! They have enriched our historic buildings, parks and streetscapes; our rare artifacts; our housing options; and our knowledge, through archives and journalism. By restoring and preserving our treasured historic resources, you've made a lasting contribution to San Diego's authentic character and quality of life.

We applaud this year's generous PIP sponsors




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