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Donna Mcloughlin
Commercial Rehabilitation Award

Joe Fiume, Michael Brennan, Donna McLoughlin, Dominick Fiume, and Don FayIn 1924, architect and builder Pingree Ives Osburn constructed a Spanish Revival-style bungalow half court on a corner lot in Hillcrest. Some 30 years ago, its classic white stucco walls gave way to orange paint. Aluminum-framed sliding windows "modernized," if you will, the place, while screen doors concealed the beauty of the original 12-light, arched front doors. Worse yet, the bungalows were imprisoned in chain-link fence when the current owner bought them three years ago.

On top of all that bad news, the owner had to deal with about 25 years of deferred maintenance. None of this deterred her enthusiasm and vision to transform the bungalows into vacation rental units with historic character married to modern conveniences. She preserved as much of the 1924 fabric as possible, bringing the wood windows back, refinishing and repairing wood floors, trim, and moldings. Working with the original floor plans, her dedicated team carved out a galley kitchen, livable bedroom and dining areas, and a spa-style bathroom in each unit. Restored porches and courtyards became outdoor rooms adorned with Spanish-style tiles. The formerly neglected bungalows now form a historic oasis in a lively part of town. And last, but not least, they are a shining example of how to attract heritage tourism.

For this handsome project rich in authentic details, Donna Mcloughlin is the winner of the Commercial Rehabilitation Award.

Pictured left to right - Joe Fiume, Michael Brennan, Donna McLoughlin, Dominick Fiume, and Don Fay. All photos courtesy award winners, except bottom two by Sandé Lollis




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