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Elizabeth Maland
Outstanding Public Service Award

Elizabeth MalandEvery student, historian, and researcher knows you have to be savvy, creative, and dogged when searching for information you need. Sometimes, you joyfully stumble upon records you had no idea existed. Thanks to the city of San Diego's Archives Access and Preservation Project, rare publications, documents, and maps are now available to the public online and in person at the city's archives center. Priceless pioneer statehood records, which date from the 1850s and are extremely fragile, are now accessible. So are 1856 Pueblo land maps and tax assessment books dating from 1872 to 1925. Providing online access is crucial as we rely more and more on digital devices, especially among younger generations, who are, after all, our future historians.

There's another reason for preservationists and researchers to rejoice at this improved access. According to the city clerk, preserving original and trustworthy records and making these legal and historical records available to citizens is a vital function in our democracy.

So, it is fitting that the Outstanding Public Service Award goes to the city of San Diego's dedicated City Clerk Elizabeth Maland.

All photos courtesy award winner, except winner photo by Sandé Lollis




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