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Friends Of Balboa Park and Jim Hughes
Cultural Landscape Award

Bill Smith & Jim HughesWhen the Panama-California Exposition opened in Balboa Park in 1915, the main entrance was reached across Cabrillo Bridge from Laurel Street. A gate stretched between a pair of gate houses to control admission. After the expo closed, the gate was removed, but the gate houses continued to stand guard. Closed for decades, the twin sentinels fell into serious disrepair.

Over 18 months, the gate houses were restored to their original appearance. They are now ready to greet visitors throughout the 21st century with new roofs, new stucco and paint, restored wood doors, and replicated missing ornament and flagpoles. Once forlorn and visually lost in the busy park, the gate houses have regained their proper historic stature.

For restoring these Balboa Park landmarks, SOHO honors the Friends Of Balboa Park and board member Jim Hughes, with the Cultural Landscape Award.

Pictured left to right - Bill Smith and Jim Hughes. All photos courtesy award winners, except bottom two by Sandé Lollis




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