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Bandy Blacksmith Guild
Historic Arts Restoration & Education Award

James Thayer, Earl Brown, Rich Thorpe, Eric Lunde, Philip Ewing, Paul Page, & Jim RichmondArtisans trained in traditional crafts aren't as plentiful as they used to be, making those devoted to their specialties all the more valuable. Better yet are the artisans who teach others their craft to keep the techniques alive through the next generation and beyond. This all-volunteer group also works with nonprofits to restore priceless historic artifacts, fittings and hardware.

Their projects include the San Diego Maritime Museum's San Salvador, the Escondido History Center's mud wagon and the centennial cannon, a rare survivor from 1870s San Diego now owned by SOHO. A group of blacksmiths, wheelwrights, and carpenters restored the recently rediscovered iron cannon and made a new carriage for it, so it can be used once again for ceremonial purposes. This group is being honored for their "broad accomplishments and heritage artisan skills."

Please join me in congratulating Bandy Blacksmith Guild, winner of the Historic Arts Restoration & Education Award.

Pictured left to right - Bandy Blacksmith Guild members James Thayer, Earl Brown, Rich Thorpe, Eric Lunde, Philip Ewing, Paul Page, and Jim Richmond. Project photos courtesy award winners. Winners photo by Sandé Lollis




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