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Genevieve & Chris Wood
Modern Legacy Award

Genevieve & Chris WoodWe're fortunate to have a number of Mid Century Modern homes designed by accomplished San Diego architects who understood how to make the most of our climate, views, terrain, and indoor-outdoor living. Lloyd Ruocco and Homer Delawie were among the best and most innovative among them. For a short time, they were partners and one of their prized homes was built in 1961 in La Jolla Shores. It resembles a glass pavilion with wide roof overhangs for shade and room arrangements that maintain interior privacy. The roof is cut away in several places to create interior courtyards for gardens, day-lighting and natural ventilation. These are among the design hallmarks of Ruocco and Delawie that make their homes so livable.

The couple that bought this house in 2014 was initially attracted to its proximity to the ocean. Unfortunate alterations had muddied the house's crystal-clear, open plan design that exposes the wood ceilings and structural beams that pass through the glass walls as if the walls were not there. The openings in the roof for courtyard gardens had been enclosed and walls added to create an office and a walk-in closet. Original doors and fixtures were removed and three bathrooms remodeled, and-cover your ears!-somebody had installed vinyl windows.

All of the interior and exterior missteps were reversed once the couple realized the significance of this house. They got excited when they looked at a 1961 plot plan and saw the Ruocco & Delawie title block, which led to an Internet search for these architects and their work. What they found convinced them to turn their renovation plans into a restoration project that honors the work of Ruocco & Delawie. The restoration is now complete and the owners are pursuing historic designation with the City of San Diego.

SOHO proudly presents the Modern Legacy Award to Genevieve and Chris Wood.

Photo of award winners Genevieve and Chris Wood by Sandé Lollis, all others courtesy award winners




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