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Anna Wilcoxson
Gift to the Street Award

Anna WilcoxsonWhat was originally a handsome, 1912 Prairie style home suffered many indignities over the years, especially during the 1940s and '70s. Its two-story, symmetrical design lost its visual power when the second floor was converted into an apartment and the upper porch was enclosed to create more living space. Totally alien brick veneer smothered the first-floor stucco façade and what stucco remained visible was crudely applied. Additions on both levels were misguided and window bars marred the appearance.

The owner grew up in this house and has lived here with her family since 1957. Her love of its architecture guided careful restoration inside and out, especially in replacing many details of the original design. All original elements that could be restored or repaired, such as windows, were retained. The upper porch is open once more and the original stucco finish, which survived on those porch walls, was matched and reapplied to the entire exterior, after the brick veneer vanished. The additions were either partially removed or renovated into a new master suite and kitchen, which opens onto the back yard through French doors. Now, restored to its original glory, this house is a City of San Diego landmark and a notable contributor to the Mission Hills Historic District.

For love of her longtime home and commitment to restoring and renovating it properly, the jury awards Anna Wilcoxson the Gift to the Street Award.

Photo of award winner Anna Wilcoxson by Sandé Lollis, all others courtesy award winner




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