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Madison Kirkman
On the Right Track Award

Madison KirkamnA third-generation preservationist. Like his father and grandfather, he is steeped in the how and why of preservation projects. He has accomplished an enormous feat that many others tried and failed to do, and he's only 17.

His daunting project began several years ago when he saw a small photograph of a streamlined, 1908 railway car that originally glided along on the San Diego, Cuyamaca & Eastern Railway. It's called the McKeen Motor Car, and, miraculously, he found the remains of one in Alaska. Only two others are known to exist. Of course, he had to have this antique car with round windows and gold-leaf trim. So he crowd funded the cost of transporting it from Anchorage-by barge and flatbed truck-to his back yard in Ramona. Did we mention this motor car weighs 6 tons and measures 55 feet in length? It is now resting on a concrete pad, while our winner plans his next steps toward restoration and the car's return to the rails.

SOHO's On the Right Track Award goes to one awesome 17-year-old-Madison Kirkman.

Top two photos on left courtesy award winner. All others by Sandé Lollis




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